Do you believe in angels?

I’m by no means a religious person whatsoever, I’m a scientist through and through. All I can process is 1s and 0s. However, I do believe in spirits. I lost my Mum 8 years ago to cancer and, although I’ve not been able to conclusively prove it, I do believe her spirit lives on, mainly in my cat, with whom I’m so in tune with and who looks after when when I’m upset and herself should have succumbed to a fatal illness when she was a kitten, but survived it. The vet couldn’t explain it. The logical side of me would like to chalk it up to a freak recovery (because they do happen), but the human side of me wants to believe that someone else had something to do with it, because she could see that I was somewhat struggling without her. I still am to a certain extent, but I don’t think that’ll ever completely end.

Decided to give Formspring a go. I will answer most questions but if you want to insult me then please do it to my face.