If you had to shoot one person, who would it be and why?

It’s going to have to be The Pope. Il Papa sprang to mind immediately, I tried to think of others, but they were always trumped by him.

That man and his wretched organisation is responsible for more misery and poverty on this planet than any other in history and it needs to fucking stop. It needs to drag itself into the last century, let alone the present one. It simply isn’t on any more.

They had a fantastic opportunity when JPII died to modernise with a more progressive Pope, but no, they took a bad situation and managed to make it *even worse*. I was very (and genuinely) disappointed with this and frankly so should be all followers of the Catholic faith.

Decided to give Formspring a go. I will answer most questions but if you want to insult me then please do it to my face.

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