WordPress 3.0 problem

After spending half a day on this I’m admitting defeat and calling on the great wisdom of the WordPress-using community.

As many WordPress users will have done recently, this week I upgraded to WordPress 3.0. The upgrade went without a hitch and I also upgraded all the various plugins that were presenting compatibility updates. Noting to report.

However, the other day I created some static pages, and now the default URL of the site redirects to one of these pages rather than showing the normal ten latests posts. I’ve checked the settings under Settings -> Reading, setting it to a static page and then back to “your posts” even, but to no avail. The main URL of the site continues to redirect to a static page.

As a hack I’ve put a redirect in the Apache configuration so that it forces a redirect to the 2010 archive, which for the time being is alright because I don’t have many more than ten posts for the entire year, but this isn’t always going to be the case and by the end of the year the main page is going to be huge. Not only that but as soon as I make my first post in 2011 I’ll have to change the redirect to the 2011 archive and only one post will be shown.

I’ve done all the usual Googling but I cannot find anybody else who seems to be having this problem. I’ve found people who are having the reverse problem, and there seems to be fixes for this, but not this way around.

I’m reasonably sure that it’s a 3.0 thing since I’ve created static pages in the past, before the upgrade, and this didn’t happen. If you know what it might be please leave a comment :)


  • Wish I could help, but it looks like I’m the only WordPress user who upgraded to 3.0 withuot ANY problems at all. Check that your static pages are all menu’d as being “within” other static pages, and that they all have a stub (in 3.0 RC1, I noticed that it was possible to “lose” the stub of pages, which results in urls consisting only of slashes, and the inevitable trouble that comes with that). Good luck!

  • Solved.

    Turns out I had a “Redirection” plugin that I wasn’t even using that manages 301 redirects. Deactivating it solved the problem. Given that I didn’t actually use it I removed it. All is well.