Beetham Tower noise problems

This is from the Wikipedia article on Beetham Tower in Manchester:

During the installation of the glass and steel ‘blade’ on the roof, a strange noise problem emerged. People reported that the building “whistles” (more like an intermittent hum) in windy weather. The sound is close to standard musical C (approximately 262 Hertz); some say it is like a “UFO landing” in sci-fi films. The noise also affected the production of local soap opera, Coronation Street with producers having to create extra background noise as the tower is close to the show’s set. Despite apparently rectifying the problem, the humming sound can still be heard on occasion in the area, depending on wind direction.

Yeah, like LAST FUCKING NIGHT between the hours of 4.30am and 7.30am when there was a monsoon outside and the winds were, apparently, blowing in the right direction to make it sound like I was in an episode of the fucking X-Files. It’s a miracle that I didn’t kill someone at the station this morning when they announced a last minute platform change from one side of the concourse right to the fucking other side.