Vmware End User License Agreement For U.s. Federal End Users

c) The recipient understands that, although each contributor grants licenses for the contributions it contains, no contributor assures that the program does not infringe the patent or other intellectual property rights of another entity. Any contributor disclaims any liability to the beneficiary for claims filed by another organization based on a violation of intellectual property rights or in some other way. As a precondition for the exercise of the rights and licences conferred by this licence, each recipient assumes sole responsibility to guarantee, if necessary, all other necessary intellectual property rights. If, for example.B a third-party patent license is required to allow the recipient to distribute the program, it is the recipient`s responsibility to acquire that license before the program is distributed. (a) accompany the work with the complete, machine-readable source code for the library, including all changes that have been used in the book (which must be distributed in sections 1 and 2 above); and, if it is an executable file linked to the library, with the “work that the library uses” and machine-readable, in the form of object code and/or source code, so that the user can edit the library and then create a new link to create a modified executable file with the modified library. (It goes without saying that the user who changes the content of the definition files in the library may not necessarily recompile the application to use the modified definitions.) 5. You should not use vMware names, brands or service marks in the name of your development software or in a way that indicates that your development software is certified or supported by VMware. Their use of VMware product names and brands must comply with trademark standards published on www.vmware.com. 2.1 EULAs software product. Each software has its own product licensing agreement; However, this agreement replaces these product-specific licensing agreements, except for third parties that are subject to licensing conditions. You can make and use an unlimited number of copies of a documentation, provided that these copies are used only for educational, educational and non-commercial purposes and cannot be reissued or distributed beyond your academic or research institution (print or electronic).

2. User rights: Subject to the restrictions below, you can download and create a reasonable number of copies of the software`s content for your use only for the purpose of creating software that communicates with VMware products (“Developer Software”). For vSphere WS SDK, the code can be referred to as “distributable code” and/or “editable code” for www.vmware.com/go/vwssdk-redistribution-info. Any part of a merged “distributable code” is subject to this agreement. In addition, you can edit or create works derived from some or all of the “editable code.” You have the right to redistribute “distributable code” and works modified or derived from the “Changeable Code” only as part of your development software for non-commercial or commercial purposes. The open source software components provided by the software will be granted to you under the terms of the current licensing agreements, which are included in these open-source software components. You will find open source software licenses in the open_source_licenses.txt file, other hardware that are attached to the software, documentation or corresponding source files available under www.vmware.com/download/vi/open_source.html. It allows anyone who receives a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the “Software”) to use, copy, edit, collect, publish, distribute, sublicensing and/or sell the Software without restriction, and to authorize anyone to whom the Software is made available under the following terms: 8.