Branch Agreement

The company is active in the manufacture and sale of computers and other electronic devices and wants to open a subsidiary at Bombay that handles the sale of its products in the states of Maharashtra – Gujarat. UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS Master Agreement Agreement No. This agreement takes effect on the date (effective date) by and between the Board of Regents, Nevada System of Higher Education on behalf 7. The company may terminate Mr. X before the expiry of the agreement by announcing three months of termination or salary for three months instead of the agreement, without justification, and A has no right against the company in the event of an early termination of service. 1 BRANCH MANAGER AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT is employed on this day in 2001 by 1 2 nd Mortgage Co. of N.J., Inc., (employers) and (Branch Manager) at section I TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT Employers. Employers and branch managers agree that this job is done as they see fit and may be terminated at any time by employer or branch managers, for any reason, with or without reason or notification that is not required by law. Section II DUTIES OF BRANCH MANAGER (B) (C) (D) is heresafter as a subsidiary manager for employers and, as such, the closure of credits, as the employer expressly ordered, requests, negotiates, secures and manages and performs all other tasks required by the employer. The director of the subsidiary devotes his productive time, capacity and attention to the employer`s business during the duration of this contract. Without prior written agreement from the employer, the director of the subsidiary cannot provide incoming competition services to another person, bank or organization that is a competitor of the employer, either for compensation or otherwise.

The branch manager is solely responsible for the branch occupied by the director. This responsibility extends, but is not limited to the profitability of the branch. In this regard, the remuneration of branch managers depends exclusively on the profitability of this branch. All branch expenses are subject to Section VII of this agreement. This remuneration is paid to the branch manager only to the extent that it exceeds the branch`s costs. The director of the subsidiary is not allowed to charge fees to the employer without the written consent of the employer. The director of the subsidiary is solely responsible for all other reasonable and customary operating costs that must be incurred by the branch manager in connection with the employer`s activities in the course of non-commercial business activities that go beyond those authorized in writing by the employer and may, without delay, make available to the employer copies of relevant/necessary documents that reflect all agreements and retain copies of 16. No other fees will be deducted by the employer from the total gross revenues that are not indicated or are otherwise agreed upon between the parties. Weekly gross receipts do not include the costs of loans that depend on resignation.

The director of the subsidiary is fed daily by thought prices. (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) The employer has the right to withhold 35% of total gross revenue for each alt-A, non-compliant (A minus by class D) residential loans, FHA/VA loans, conventional, table-based, broker-based/mixed loans. Omission The branch charges its customers a fee for each application, the 1003 form signed by the borrower is an application that is paid directly to the employer. The employer has the right to withhold $50.00 of this royalty per loan. Each amount collected by the branch manager over $50.00 is credited to the Branch Office`s branch-profit account.